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Patricia S. Gatlin is a Diversity Specialist/Talent Acquisition Coordinator. She's been building, supporting, and maintaining teams for the past 10 plus years. She holds two degrees, B.A. in Pre-Law/History and M.A. in Humanities. She also has a certification for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace (2021), Technical recruiting (2023), and Learn with Workday (2023) HCM. Lastly, she is a candidate for the Chief Diversity Officer Certification (exp. 2026). 

A New York Times (2020) featured activist and curator behind Hashtag BlackLinkedin, a global ERG and media platform promoting, amplifying, and supporting Black, Brown, and Cultured voices on and off the platform. She has acquired a professional following of 13k Linkedin members who enjoy her posts about hot topics in DEI and Tech but also absorbing teachable content on attracting and retaining great talent.

A newbie to the Tech industry, HRED Tech in data management of (LMS/HCM), she's challenging what it means to be a Person of Color in Tech. With the of goal raising social capital for non-traditional hires she created Newbiesintech.com a peer community and career development platform. A place where Newbies become Nerds.

My DEI Pledge: 

I commit to be intentional in living inclusively. I commit to spending more time getting to know myself and understanding my culture. It is in understanding myself that I am better positioned to understand others. I will acknowledge that I don't know what I don't know but I will not use what is unconscious as an excuse. I will be intentional in exposing myself to difference. If I don't know, I will ask. If I am asked, I will assume positive intent. Most importantly, I will accept my responsibility in increasing my own knowledge and understanding. I commit to speaking up and speaking out even when I am not directly impacted, for there is no such thing as neutrality in the quest for equity, justice, and inclusion. I will strive to accept, and not just tolerate; respect, even if I don't agree; and be curious, not judgmental. I commit to pausing and listening. I will be empathetic to the experiences and perspectives of my "others". I will use my privilege positively and get comfortable with my own discomfort. I commit to knowing, getting, and doing better than I did yesterday, keeping in mind my commitment to live inclusively is a journey, not a destination.

Source: From Winters Group

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