For Afrotech 2022 I joined Google’s Black Leadership Advisory Group for Leaders Who Brunch in Austin. This was an intimate, invite only event that brought together leaders from across the industry to share a meal with each other and engage in conversation about current trends in the business. 

When: Thursday, November 17, 2022, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. CT

Where: Hestia restaurant, Austin, United States of America

Topic: Leaders Who Brunch


AfroTech owes me NOTHING! But a back massage because I did way too much at my big age! 🀣

Back story: I had no intent of going to AfroTech this year because I was laid off, then switched departments, buried my dad in August, and had COVID in July. I am hyper focused on building out peer community and career development platform. But, Google personally reached out to me and I couldn’t say no.

Here’s insight and tips: 

*The invite did not come with paid airfare, hotel, etc. - I made sure that I had money put away for networking purposes. I’m glad I did. There were times when I missed out on being in rooms where I was needed. 

*I chose not to attend the conference but attend the parties, sponsored events, and enjoyed Austin with my friends b/c I had never been. WHY: I got to connect with local black businesses. Some people personally introduced me to their tech friends who were in town (some of them were Tech leaders). I also did this because most likely it will be in Austin next year. 

*I think, if you’ve got 15+ years of experience and want to up move up in your field w/in tech you should consider getting an EXECUTIVE or Platinum ticket. 

*Networking isn’t just about getting a job. It’s about building an on-going relationship. I had my pitch, I knew what I could offer w/ my bandwidth or power, and I was very conversational (not speaking AT people but TO them). LINKEDIN WAS DOWN! I got their digital info, created a note on my phone, added it to my calendar (reminder to follow up) and started sending emails to them with my calendly link to book virtual meetings.

*I made sure my LINKS were updated and accessible. I use milkshake to share my links pages. 

* I made sure my resume was πŸ’― and ready to airdrop. No I’m not looking for work. I just did it incase someone asked. 

*Of course my Linkedin was ready for connection requests not just follows. [I saw ppl change their headliner to say @ AfroTech < I didn’t want everyone to know but I think this is a great idea. They also changed their banner.]


Someone said, they *companies* don’t care about us at AfroTech and don’t go there looking to get offered a job. < But I wanted to address this. 

Everyone is not in the same rooms. There are many private conversations going on. Many black leaders discussing who was there and who’s next. I was fortunate to be in some of those rooms. As a Diversity Specialist and Talent Acquisition Coordinator and I will continue having these conversations. ✊🏾 Even without a title I’m an activist. ITS OK for me move in silence about the tables I sit at which I will continue to do right after this. 

Lastly, they are watching you πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€. Therefore, be strategic.

I say all this to say…don’t be afraid show up for yourself. You go to city where the conference is being held and still make dope connections.

Now, I’m going to ice my back and prepare for next year, if you see me there say hello! πŸ–€ 

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