Adversity isn't as popular to talk about as much as diversity right now. I think it's because admitting to adversity sometimes feels like a big failure. Yet, no matter what a person's background may look like we've all experienced it in one form or another.

Episode #11 of the Untapped Recruiting Production podcast, I discuss: Adversity in Diversity: Understanding the Elements of Doing the Work

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Emmett and Jeremy spend time with me, the curator of #BlackLinkedIn and a Diversity & Inclusion Lead. We dive into my passion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the story of forming hashtag BlackLinkedIn. What are some of the adversities I had to overcome in the workplace? What are some of the adversities not being addressed in DEI right now? Did adversity lead to the creation of BlackLinkedin?

Spend a little bit of your time learning about the different facets of MY work and who I am as a professional but also what I’ve learned as a black woman working in corporate America.

If there's anything I can leave you with, is that diversity can be a solution to adversity if given the opportunity.

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