I had the chance to sit down with As Is-To Be podcast hosted by Shawn and Carl Reid. The topic being discussed is A Non-Linear Path to Success. I finally got to discuss how I went from working in Higher education to working in Tech and back to high education again to work in the EdTech space. Moving outside of the 'pink ghetto' of the administrative space to work my work into operations, therefore, becoming a DEI Specialist and Coordinator.

An interview with Patricia S. Gatlin, where she shares career tips and how to get noticed by recruiters, her own non-linear career journey, and personal projects that she manages like Black LinkedIn and Newbiesintech.

If you want some tips on how I leveraged my network to land my dream jobs then take a listen.

Shawn Acheampong, CEO Tumii Transformations
Carl Reid, CEO Catalyst Consulting

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